Life is too Short Not to Finish the Bottle

rose wineI’m sure that in your travels you’ve seen the bumper sticker that reads, “Life is too Short to Drink Bad Wine.” Well, I have to admit it right up front and say that I am the poster child for that saying because at my house, my wife Kim and I pretty much consume a fresh bottle of wine every night over dinner. I’m not saying this is a really good thing but it is in fact a fact. And, I have to say that I am not overly married to a particular label of wine nor a particular grape. Sometimes we drink Chardonnay but we are also happy to drink Pinot Noir. Sometimes we go with solid standbys like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot and sometimes we’ll try something totally random like a Pinot Gris. Lately we have been enjoying drinking Rosé which when chilled, is perfect on a warm summer’s evening along with a light meal.

So tonight, as the last drops of wine were being spilled from the bottle, Kim and I exchanged looks that said “well ,here we are again, saying so long to yet another bottle of good wine that not so long ago was full to the brim; put to rest by just the two of us, gone but not forgotten, farewell my fine friend, until we meet again.” And I almost felt guilty for having killed another bottle. But then it hit me, if a bottle of wine was not meant to be drunk in its entirety in a single sitting, it wouldn’t have been capped off with a cork that is difficult to replace once it is forced out with a corkscrew. And then I thought some more, someone must have had a very good reason for choosing the size of the standard wine bottle, 750ml. It’s the perfect size for two, not too big, not too small; the early wine makers were definitely thinking here, my kind of people!

DSC00314Tomorrow is another day and undoubtedly another bottle of wine will surely be uncorked and drained to the last drop. But now, armed with my new-found belief that a good bottle was surely designed to be consumed by two in a single, enjoyable sitting, I won’t feel so bad, I won’t angst over whether or not I should replace the cork and save the rest for another day. Nope, instead, I’ll raise my glass high and say, “Life is too Short not to Finish the Bottle, this is the way it was meant to be.” So cheers to all you wine lovers out there and bottoms up!

On We Go….