41DS - Fenn2Hello, my name is Paul Fenn and live in Annapolis, MD with my wife Kim and my three kids, Will, Mollie and Graham and my dog, Smokey. We are an active family, spending as much time as possible outside looking for new adventures. We sail, bike, hike, walk, run and in general, try to be away from home when time permits looking for new opportunities and excitement.

Since 1997 I have been President of Jeanneau America, Inc., a boat building company with production facilities in a variety of countries including France, Poland, and the United States. I spend the majority of my time managing a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the boating lifestyle and delivering first class customer satisfaction. I am lucky to have such a great team.

I started this blog to express my personal thoughts on a variety of subjects: family, business, group dynamics, building relationships. marketing, sales, and life in general. Enjoy it and take from it what you can. I hope it proves useful and if not, perhaps it will at least make you smile.

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  1. Great Blog Mr. Fenn- Thanks so much for pointing the compass..Looking forward tohearing about the Fenn Family adventures… Andie Youngk

  2. Mr Fenn,
    I am not certain if this is the Paul Fenn that I have been looking for. Please excuse me for contacting you through your blog but I was unable to find another contact for you. My name is Jason and recently I purchased a vintage lacrosse helmet on ebay. Upon receiving it I found out a little bit about who it belonged to and the history behind it. I also found out that the seller also was in possession of two sticks that also belonged to the original owner, W.W Fenn from Harvard University. After doing a little internet research I stumbled upon some photos of “Wally” and his stick and realized that the stick in the photos were a match. I contacted the seller of the helmet and pleaded with them to give me a good deal on both sticks so I could keep the collection together. The seller agreed and sold me the sticks. The group of items is absolutely amazing.
    I own a few Lacrosse retail stores and am planning on displaying the collection. I would like to make high quality photos along with the items of those listed on:
    However, if the family sold these incredible items by mistake, I would like to return them to the family that they truly belong to. Just know that they have been given an incredible home that will cherish them. Please feel free to contact me via email at jason@tamalax.com or call 630-416-8262. Again, I am sorry for contacting you in this manner. I just wanted to honor the life of the man that these items belonged to.

    Thank You,


  3. Dear Friends: It is 7:20 pm on Fri and at 4:50 pm I placed a bag containing chocolate cake for the Fenn family, a small token of comfort for the loss of Paul’s mother Carol., on top of the yellow trash container at the bottom of the hill. I hope the local dogs did not find it first. Pls let me know if it gets to your dinner table. Mary Lou

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